Five Most Affordable Used V8s To Buy Under $15K

Five Most Affordable Used V8s To Buy Under $15K

  • January 13, 2023
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Aussie V8s are currently fetching high prices. However, there are other excellent, reasonably priced second-hand V8 versions available. Several of us may feel the impulse to seize the moment as the internal-combustion engine enters its last decades. For a car enthusiast, this may entail purchasing one of the few inexpensive V8 models still on the market or a nice secondhand V8 before they’re all gone and either too costly or simply too difficult to maintain with unleaded. On this are our five most affordable used V8s to buy if you’re looking for a clean, somewhat low-mileage V8 just under 20 yrs old for much less than $15,000 from used car dealers in Perth.

V8 Volvo S80


V8 Volvo S80 is one of the most affordable used V8s to buy under $15k. For people in the know, Volvo has produced some fascinating, cutting-edge, and speedy cars.

A Volvo S80 V8 is one super-Swede that always comes as a vast, improbable surprise to people who have never known of it, including most of us. You’ll never miss the sound of a Volvo S80 V8, including its exhaust system guzzled, even though it’s a little mild for one V8 stock standard. These engines have two equal cylinders, or in another way, in a V-shape. Such engines take up less space and can, therefore, fit most cars. The 60-degree 4.4-litre V8 inside the Volvo S80, which produces 232 kW & 440 Nm and is also utilized inside the Volvo XC90, was built specifically for Volvo only by Yamaha for transversal uses.

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet CorvetteTwo-seat sports vehicles with 400 horsepower and a top speed of 186 mph are rarely seen with V8 engines as base models, much less with two-seat V8 engines. It’s like shooting fish into a barrel to find a Corvette C6 or any Vette below $15k since there are hundreds or thousands of options. Its fibreglass body isn’t substantial, with panel gaps in specific places that are unsightly. Nevertheless, grab one for a ride to discover the appeal of C6. Its 6-litre LS2 engine from Chevrolet pushes like a steam engine up front, halting just momentarily to change gears.

V8 engines are generally more powerful and faster. Consequently, most muscle cars have V8 engines. If you mainly use your car for carrying and towing, it may offer great steady energy. As the driver depresses the accelerator, he or she will feel the engine’s great power and vigour. This is just one of the many advantages of getting into the V8-powered vehicle to enjoy a refined and opulent ride with increased speed and performance.

2009 Toyota 4Runner

2009 Toyota 4Runner

The 2009 Toyota 4Runner, which has seven seats, is the best option for buyers who want a rugged SUV for off-roading or hauling. In contrast, a crossover will provide more excellent interior room and a more pleasant ride when you don’t want the 4Runner’s power. The 4Runner’s optional V8 engine, which is exceptionally powerful, enables this SUV to pull approximately 7,300 pounds. Its fuel economy figures, which start at 16/21 mpg city area in two-wheel drive V6 models, are typical for a truck-based SUV but fall short of crossovers. Therefore, Toyota used cars Perth is another good choice for you.

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The actual meaning of the Mercedes tagline, Benz’s “the finest or nothing”. It will become apparent once you’ve driven one of their vehicles. Since 1926, Mercedes-Benz has gained a reputation for building great, luxurious cars of the highest calibre. Its exterior still has a long, graceful design that isn’t nearly as flashy as some of its competitors. But, as you know, its inside is no longer the subdued, classical environment it once was. Instead, there is a much more overt display of technology, including some that do not fit with the typical S-class allure. For example, one enormous, high-resolution centre touchscreen has replaced many buttons and multicolour dynamic LED ambient illumination strips around the cabin.

Nevertheless, the new technology operates smoothly and naturally. As always, there is plenty of room and comfort. The LWB back seat lets you spread out like you’re in business class. Therefore, as a Mercedes-Benz for sale in Perth, it will suit your needs.

Nissan Rogue, 2014–2016

Nissan Rogue, 2014–2016

Last but not least, in the list of five most affordable used V8s to buy under $15K is the Nissan Rogue. To accommodate your busy schedule, are you looking for a compact SUV? Then you can get used Nissan cars for sale. This Nissan Rogue fulfils every requirement. Rogues are also available with changing back storage that makes securing cargo simple, and they can accommodate up to seven passengers in a pinch with an additional third row of seats.

Additionally, this generation of the Rogue has a respectable amount of extra safety measures, like a surround-view parking video camera. Lethargic speed and fuel economy that always match actual results are drawbacks. Nevertheless, this large SUV offers a lot of worth.

One Additional Option

The Porsche 928 might be a suitable American muscle vehicle if you’re searching for one. It could even be the closest you’ve ever been.

When it was made in 1978, the Porsche 911 was the brand’s iconic car. From 1978 until 1995, this automobile was in production.

Its 1995 Porsche 928 combines a sports vehicle’s agility, poise, and horsepower with luxury car comforts, amenities, and refinement. Additionally, it boasts a 5.0L rear V8 engine with 300 horsepower and a top speed is 162 mph. This automobile is available for a few hundred dollars, less than $15,000.


I hope this blog cleared up all the details and information about affordable used V8s to buy under $15k. Every year, the value of secondhand automobiles either drops or begins to soar as they become collectables. In the latter, many legendary automobiles may fetch prices that exceed six figures. But in most situations, used cars are getting cheaper. If you know how to find great vehicle offers online, you can receive excellent offers on performance cars that will make you feel fulfilled for years to come. The limited budget may allow you to purchase a great used car, but not a newer sports car. But, if you’re persistent in your quest, you’ll be able to buy the affordable used cars you’ve always wanted.

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