Top 10 Best 4WD Cars to Buy In Australia

Top 10 Best 4WD Cars to Buy In Australia

  • January 4, 2023
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Are you planning to buy the best 4WD car in Australia? Well, you are making a good decision as 4WD cars are very popular. However, if you are in doubt regarding the best four wheel drive cars to look forward to, then your search ends here.

It is the dream of every car lover to drive a powerful 4WD vehicle. In fact, a four-wheel car is for those who love off-road hard-core driving and there is a huge demand for such cars amongst people in Australia.

In terms of automobiles, there are only 4 alternatives to choose from – rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and 4-W drive. A 4WD, additionally known as 4×4 car implies a system in a car where an automobile’s engine powers all four wheels equally.

Four-wheel drive (4WD) cars are perfect for off-road as such cars have twice the traction of 2. Also, they are combined with locked differentials for best off-road efficiency, especially when you need to drive in snowy scenarios, rough terrain, or when stuck in the mud. Also the best 4wd cars are easy to turn on or turn off, making it more reliable on all kinds of road conditions.

In this article, the list of top 10 best 4WD cars in Australia are mentioned. You can buy any of these 4Wd cars brand new or you can plan to buy used cars in Perth.

Here are the top 10 best 4WD cars to buy in Australia.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

When it comes to reliable 4WD cars in Australia, the first name that strikes the mind is undoubtedly the Toyota land Cruiser. Land Cruiser is the longest running model from Toyota, the famous Japanese automobile manufacturer. Every year Toyota has managed to sell more than 10 million units of Land Cruiser worldwide. The main reason behind the popularity of this four-wheel drive car is its exceptional off-road capabilities and long-term dependability as well as longevity.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 prices range from $80,873 for the basic trim level LC200 GX (4X4) 4.5LDiesel6 SP AUTO to $113,181 for the top of the range LC300 VX (4X4) 3.3LDiesel AUTOMATED SP AUTOMATED MAN.

If the price of the latest model of Land Cruiser is not within your budget, then you can look for previous models that are as good as the latest one. You can buy used cars in Perth at reasonable rates.

2. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rovers are well-known for their off-road power and the Land Rover Discovery models are manufactured to carry forward the name. In fact, the Land Rover Discovery is considered the best four wheel drive cars for Australian customers.

Apart from the powerful performance, durability and dependability, Land Rover Discovery models are known for uncompromising comfort and good looks. Also, the latest models come with all of the latest safety features and technology to give the drivers the safest ride possible.

The price of the Land Rover Discovery 2022 starts from $105,975 for the basic trim level SUV Discovery D300 S (221KW) to $130,550 for the top of the range SUV Discovery D300 R-Dynamic HSE (221KW). If not the brand new model, you can always think of buying used cars in Perth. Look for the best place to buy second hand cars to get the best deal.

3. Toyota HiLux

Toyota HiLuxThe list of best 4 wheel drive cars in Australia will look incomplete without mentioning the name of Toyota HiLux. Even though Japan is the manufacturer of the Toyota HiLux, it is very popular in Australia due to its tag of being ‘the unbreakable workhorse’.

Apart from the good performance aspect, HiLux models are surprisingly comfortable and ergonomically sound, making them a good choice for Australian roads. The models are available with a choice of single or double cab layouts, in pick-up or cab chassis body styles. Also, customers can choose between petrol and diesel engines.

The Toyota HiLux 2021 price starts from $27,962 for the basic trim level Ute HiLux Workmate and the top of the range Ute HiLux Rugged X (4X4) is priced at $91,990. The Toyota HiLux 2021 is available in Diesel and Regular Unleaded Petrol versions. You can buy any one of the versions depending upon your requirements.

4. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to the best four wheel drive cars in Australia, you need to mention the name of Jeep Wrangler. This model is particularly very popular among Australia’s youth, mainly due the appealing rugged style. It’s good performance and dependability factor make it a perfect partner for travelling long distances on off-beat roads.

Jeep Wranglers also give a new meaning to comfortable ride and the manufacturers have not compromised on the safety aspects. They also have a high resale value as there is a huge demand amongst people who are planning to buy used cars in Perth.

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2022 prices range from $62,950 for the basic trim level SUV Wrangler Unlimited Night Eagle (4X4) and the top of the range SUV Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (4X4) is $90,450.

5. Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is considered as one of the best four wheel drive cars for its flexibility in both city and off-road situations. This particular four-wheel drive car is also about unmatched comfort, reliability, and affordability. It comes with a towing capacity of 3500 kilograms.

The latest Patrol is powered by a 5.6-litre naturally-aspirated petrol V8 producing 298kW and 560Nm, powering all four wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Also, the model is equipped with a range of Nissan Intelligent Mobility safety technologies.

The price of Nissan Patrol 2022 for the basic trim level SUV Patrol Ti (4×4) is $82,160 and the price is $95,115 for the top of the range SUV Patrol Ti-L (4×4). The Nissan Patrol 2022 is also available in Premium Unleaded Petrol.

6. Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

The latest Land Rover Defender is considered as a high-tech retro-futuristic off-road SUV, and thus making it one of the best 4WD cars in Australia. This four-wheel drive car is a perfect companion for those who enjoy exploring various terrains such as sand, mud, water, and others.

Featuring a stunning cabin design and sleek exterior, the Land Rover Defender looks stylish from outside and the inside is spacious and comfortable. From a safety aspect, this model is equipped with cutting-edge safety technologies.

The Land Rover Defender line-up is priced at $81,950 for the Defender 90 P300 Standard (221KW) and ranges through to $227,146 for the range-topping Defender 110 P525 V8 (386KW) model.

7. Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

One of the best four wheel drive cars that define luxury and status then the name is Land Rover’s Range Rover. Range Rover Sport has a clean, energetic, and contemporary feel both inside and outside.

The Range Rover Sport is sold with engines that range in size from 3.0L to 4.4L and from turbocharged eight-cylinders to turbocharged six-cylinders. You also get to choose from diesel, premium unleaded-electric hybrid or premium unleaded petrol engines.

This four-wheel drive comes in a variety of models to suit all different driving styles. The range Rover Sport 2023 price starts from $139,160 for the basic Range Rover Sport D250 SE (183kW) version and the top model Range Rover Sport P530 FIRST EDITION (390kW) is priced at $241,021. The Range Rover Sport range is offered with a 5 year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

8. Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero

Considered as an Australian off-road icon, Mitsubishi Pajero is one of the best 4 wheel drive cars. This particular 4WD car is popular in Australia mainly because it is at ease both on and off the road. The model makes a perfect choice for anyone looking for a wonderful alternative for adventure and fuel efficiency. Also, the best part is that it comes with seven seats.

The reputation of Mitsubishi Pajero for its dependability and reliability is simply unmatched. Another good part about this popular four-wheel drive car is that you can easily customize it to match your own journey.

The Mitsubishi Pajero 2021 price starts from $56,999 for the basic trim level SUV Pajero GLX (4X4) 7 Seat and the top of the range SUV Pajero Exceed (4X4) 7 Seat is price at $75,990.

9. Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator

The number nine in the list of top 10 4WD cars in Australia goes to the Jeep Gladiator. This popular 4WD car is design to conquer nearly any terrain due to its impressive design and powerful engine.
In fact, this model is launch to cater to the demands of people who wanted to drive an off-road SUV with the facility of a pickup-truck bed attached to its hind quarters.

Jeep Gladiators are available with a six-speed manual transmission and an optional turbo-diesel power train for better fuel economy. All the models come with trail-conquering capability.

The Jeep Gladiator 2022 price starts from $68,450 for the basic trim level Ute Gladiator Night Eagle (4X4). The top of the range Ute Gladiator Rubicon (4X4) is $87,250.

10. Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

Manufacturing since 1970, Suzuki Jimny is a series of four-wheel drive off-road mini SUVs. Manufactured by Japanese automaker Suzuki, this is one of the best 4 wheel drive cars available in Australia.

Suzuki Jimny models are spacious and comfortable. Equipped with most modern safety features that one can expect from any 4WD car. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the SUV 1.5L 5 SP Manual 4×4 to the SUV 1.5L 4 SP Automatic.

The price of the latest Suzuki Jimny starts from $26,990 for the basic trim level SUV Jimny GL Lite (qld). The top of the range SUV Jimny GLX (qld) is price at $33,490 in the Australian market. If you find the price of Suzuki Jimny a bit high, then you can opt to buy used cars.


To conclude, you can invest in any of the above mentioned list of top 10 best 4WD cars in Australia. As the best four wheel drive cars come a little expensive, you can even consider buying used cars. You can also sell your car at good price. Look for the best place to buy and sell second hand cars to get the best deal. There are many second hand 4WD cars in Australia that are in top condition and come at a good price.

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