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About Us Eska car sales

Eska Car Sales is a group of people who like to be known as Auto Freaks of Perth, Australia. Since the first day of operations, Eska is growing and expanding its grip on fuss-free buying and selling used cars in Australia. Our years of involvement has allowed us in understanding the complications and problems faced by people in buying and selling cars. Eska can make your buying and selling experience enjoyable and stress-free, and make sure you always have a smile on your face during your entire journey with us.

We have stocked up with cars of numerous makes and models and always strive towards maximising our offerings so that there is always something new to amaze you.

If you are into buying and selling cars for the first time, you are in Good Hands. Our advisors are all ears to listen to your curiosity and endless questions, ensuring your first purchase becomes memorable with us.

Our Vision

ESKA CAR Sales understands that buying and selling cars is simply out of the portfolio for many people. To make sure your deal remains fruitful throughout the journey, we push ourselves more than just a dealership company. We are a company that is obsessed with improving the customer experience with an honest and reputable business. With us, you get the surety of best operations regarding:

Excellent customer service

Transparent evaluation system

Current Vehicle market pricing

Car Value Analysis

What keeps you waiting! Don't keep your old car in the garage to sell as it's degrading its value, and if you are here to purchase, our choices will surely give you an overwhelming experience. Get in touch with us now.


Our experts will make you understand the process we use to determine the value of your car so that you and we remain on the same page during the entire process.


With Eska Car Sales, you are dealing with genuine experts focused on providing you best deal and not chasing your address for sales.


Hey Perth! By dealing with us, you are getting associated with a company that shares the same zip code or is close to it.


Our team of experts will do the complete inspection and paperwork so that you can simply relax and watch our efforts in providing you with the best deal.


Our business successfully runs on customer satisfaction, and we give our best efforts in meeting their expectations. All our cars go through complete inspections, ensuring trusted service from our end.

More Cars

We like to enhance our offerings by adding and updating our collection of cars so that our customers always find something new to satisfy their appetite for automobiles.