What Features Should You Consider While Purchasing A Used Car?

What Features Should You Consider While Purchasing A Used Car?

  • August 17, 2022
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More and more people are interested in buying a second hand car in Western Australia. Thanks to the large second hand car market in Australia that makes it possible to look for a sparkling Volkswagen for sale in Perth, a stylish Mercedes as well as car of different brands and makes. Even if you look at statistics of the last few years you will notice there has been a huge surge in the used car market. Before you start looking for used cars for sale in Perth Australia it is important to prepare a list of the important things or features that you must consider while purchasing a used car.

There can be several reasons behind buying a second hand car. While some buy a used car to polish their driving skills before investing in a brand-new car, some prefer a second hand car due to low budget. Irrespective of the reason behind looking for used cars for sale in Perth, you must try to get the best bargain.

Getting a good deal on the second hand car for sale needs lot of homework on your part. There are many things to know before buying a used car. To help you in your valuable purchase, here is a list of tips for buying a used car.

Here Are Some of The Key Features To Consider While Purchasing A Used Car:


One of the most important tips for buying a used car is to look for how the car performs. Different parts of the car such as the engine, torque and drive type are the deciding factor on how the second hand car performs.

Checks the exterior, interior as well as the parts under the hood to have a clear idea about the condition of the car you are interested in buying. You need to double check the brake, accelerator, emission, lighting, engine cooling capacity, steering and suspension. Remember that there is no point in buying a second hand car if it does not perform well on the road.

If you do not have an idea about the different parts of the car, it is highly recommended to get the car’s major parts checked by a mechanic. The mechanic can give a clear idea regarding how the car will perform on the road. The charge of the mechanic can help save you a lot of maintenance expenses in the long run.

When looking for second hand car for sale, make sure to go for a test drive. It is during the test drive you will get the real feel regarding how the car performs.


When it comes to important things to know before buying a used car, you must not forget the reliability factor. Even if you get a Volkswagen for sale Perth at a good price it will still be considered a bad deal if the car is not reliable enough.

Well, a thorough inspection of the car can throw some light on the reliability factor. But this is not enough. First of all you need to know the reason as why a particular second hand car is for sale in Perth.

For instance, if an owner is selling a car due to some kind of incurable mechanical issue then investing in that car is a big mistake. You will have to end up spending more money on repair work.

There are a handful of features and options that speak of the reliability factor such as manual transmissions are always less reliable than automatics. Also, vehicles with either Turbochargers or Superchargers are less reliable as compared to one without. Any second hand car equipped with after-market parts and accessories is less reliable than a standard one.

A vehicle history report and maintenance record can help a lot in deciding the reliability factor of a used car.


When looking for cars on sales in Perth WA, do not ignore the importance of the safety features of the car. Most of the cars are equipped with safety features and they play a key role in protecting yours as well as others life.

In fact, safety features are designed keeping in mind the safety of the driver as well as other passengers. When buying a second hand car, check the safety features that are already installed. Also find out whether there is scope for any addition to the list.

Just knowing about the safety features is not enough as you need to know how to operate them. Learn about how you can use a safety feature at the time of an emergency. For instance, you need to be aware of where the airbags are located and how many are there.

When it comes to brakes, opt for a car that has Electronic Brake Force Distribution, which automatically distributes the brake force applied to each wheel, as per the road conditions and the current speed of the car.


Whether you are looking for used BMW cars for sale in Perth or any other luxury car, you must how comfortable the car is.

The car should have comfortable seats, which is one of the most basic and also very important features to consider while purchasing a used car. You cannot enjoy a car drive, especially a long ride until and unless the seats are comfortable. The car you have decided to purchase must provide you pleasant and comfortable rides.

Along with the seats, make sure that second hand car comes with electrically height adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, keyless entry option and obviously a good quality air conditioning system to keep all the occupants comfortable through changing climate conditions.

Other factor that can decide a vehicle’s comfort is the noise. So, start the car and go for a test drive. Make sure there is no irritating engine, wind, or road noise and you are finding it comfortable during the ride.


When looking for used cars for sale in Perth Australia, you have to set a budget. In fact, setting a budget is one of the most important tips for buying a used car.

Buying a car is a big investment and hence set a budget. Stick to the budget to avoid over spending. As a general rule, you must not invest more than 15 to 20 percent of your income to buy used cars.
When setting the budget, you do not just consider the cost of the second hand car of a particular model or make in the market. You must also consider the increase in your monthly expenses due to the increasing fuel price and maintenance cost.

You must also think of the resale value of the second hand car. Most car lovers prefer to drive technologically updated cars and often sell a car after three to four years. Opt for a car whose resale value is high. In case, you need to sell your car, then you should get a good price.


When looking for used cars for sale in Perth Australia, you must have a clear idea as why you are planning to buy one. There can be several reasons to buy a second hand car and you must know what to look for in a car.

Suppose you saw a Volkswagen for sale in Perth at a good price but your lifestyle demands for a small family car for you and your partner. In such a case, there is no point in buying a Volkswagen. There are many other options available for you in the second hand car market.

Similarly, if you are an adventure loving person and planning to go on trips in your own car often, then you need to invest in a car that can handle adventure and give you comfortable ride on different kinds of roads. Also, the car should have enough cargo space so that you can carry all the necessary items needed for an adventurous trip. Hence, purpose is one of the most important things to know before buying a used car.

So, find out the purpose behind buying a car and then make a list of probable models and makes. Search the market properly and soon you will crack a good deal.


Be it a used car or not, your first car is an important deal. Consider the above-mentioned important features while purchasing a used car for sale in Perth. Whether you are looking for a Mercedes or Toyota for sale in Perth, getting a good deal is not a problem. With the right knowledge and by knowing the things to know before buying a used car, soon you will be ruling the road of Western Australia in your own car.