Six Easy Steps To Avoid Running Out Of Gas In Your Vehicle

Six Easy Steps To Avoid Running Out Of Gas In Your Vehicle

  • August 24, 2022
  • Eska Car Sales
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Running out of gas is a major problem and many drivers face this kind of problem and want to know some useful steps to avoid it. This is why when looking for used car dealers in Perth to buy a second hand car it is highly recommended to invest in a car that gives you good mileage. This way you will get to drive more miles with less fuel.

It is easy to find excellent fuel mileage used cars in Perth. Just a little research and nothing can stop you from getting a good deal. Once you have bought a second hand car from the best place to buy cheap used cars, you need to take proper care of your car to get good mileage.

Prepare in Advance

When looking for used cars in Perth give importance to the paperwork. It is better to invest in a second hand car that comes with roadside assistance. Read the manual carefully and find out what exactly is covered and not covered. If the roadside assistance offers service when your car is about to run out of gas, use it. Always look for the best place to buy cheap used cars to get good service.

Another option is to not allow your car to get low on fuel. Make it a habit to fill up the fuel tank as soon as it reaches the halfway mark. Always invest in good quality fuel and check the fuel tanks and fuel lines regularly for signs of leakage.

To save fuel try to keep the car tyres properly inflated at either the recommended air pressure or higher. Also, avoid accelerating too quickly from a stop, and do not load the cargo part with unnecessary things.

Most importantly, irrespective of the type and model of your car, regular maintenance is a must. However, irrespective of how you are taking care of your car, a situation might arise when your fuel tank is getting emptied at a rapid speed. As soon you get the indication of low gas light remember that you can still travel a few miles.

There is no point in completely emptying the fuel tank as it will only worsen the condition. Well, to avoid such a situation act smartly and most importantly behave in a calm manner.

Here are the 6 easy steps to avoid running out of gas in your vehicle.

Find Out Your Location

As soon as you find out your car is running out of gas, the first step is to figure out your location. Evaluate your surroundings and try to remember the last gas station that you might have crossed. You can even use your car’s navigation system or mobile phone to find out the nearest gas station.

If the gas station is just a few miles back it is a better option to take a U-turn and reach there instead of searching for a new one.

Turn Off The Air Conditioner

When your car is low on gas, it is always a good idea to turn off the air conditioner as soon as possible. Even if it is a hot sunny day, the air conditioner should be switched off. When the air conditioner is on, the engine needs to work more which means more energy or fuel is needed.

Keep the windows down if the weather permits and enjoy the drive. But avoid opening the windows when driving at a good speed as will increase the drag, putting more pressure on the engine, thus consuming more fuel.

Drive At A Slow Speed

There is no point in driving the car at a high speed to reach the nearest gas station. It will only add to your problem as when a car is driven at a high speed more fuel will be consumed.

A car’s optimal speed of 35 to 45 mph is the most fuel-efficient. This can be a problem if you are driving on a highway or interstate. But it is always better to reach the next gas station slowly instead of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

Coast Using The Lay Of The Land

In case your car runs out of gas, avoid letting your car coast down the road. This does not mean you need to shut the engine completely off. In case you need to go downhill, shift the car into neutral and enjoy the ride. This will give the engine a much needed break and save some fuel.

Another best option here is to park your car on the roadside and avoid creating problem for others on the road. To get help turn your car flashers on and raise the hood of your car. This will alert other drivers.

Roll Up All Of Your Windows

Well, switching off the air conditioner helps a lot in saving fuel during such an emergency situation. But at the same time you must not roll down all your car windows.

In fact, it is recommended to close all your windows to reduce wind resistance and drag. Especially you must not open the windows when driving at a high speed as it will increase the drag, putting more pressure on the engine.

No matter how hot and tired you feel it will be much less when compared to pushing your car to the nearest gas station.

Turn Off Any Accessories

To stay calm during such a situation it is obvious to turn on the stereo and listen to some of your favourite music. But this will only add to your problems.

Be it the stereo and other electric devices such as charging phones must be avoided. All these devices get power from the engine. For this reason turn off the stereo, especially a high-powered one and all other electrical devices.

If you have another passenger on the car, simply talk and discuss about other things and concentrate on reaching the nearest gas station to fill up your fuel tank.


No matter how many precautions you have taken there might be a time when your car is completely out of gas. In such a scenario, there is no need to panic as it will only worsen the situation. Instead, you need to think logically and try your best to come out of the situation. Keep these above points in mind to save yourself from a stressful situation.

Most importantly always opt for fuel-efficient used cars in Perth. Also, look for the best place to buy cheap used cars.