What Are the Best Ways To Maintain The Interior of Your Car?

What Are The Best Ways To Maintain The Interior Of Your Car?

  • September 2, 2022
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When it comes to your car interior, it is just like your house and you need to keep it clean always. No matter how good your car looks from the outside, if the interior is clumsy and dirty it will give a wrong impression.

It is the interior part of the car where you will be sitting during a drive and a well-maintained interior will make your journey more comfortable. On the other hand, a dirty interior will make you uncomfortable and even the co-passengers will question your hygiene habits. Not keeping your car’s interior clean will lead to bacterial growth. Bacteria can accumulate on the dashboard, upholstery, or even on the steering wheel and we all know that exposure to bacteria can cause many diseases. Hence, it is often advised to follow the best ways to maintain your car interior.

Moreover, people looking for cheap used cars for sale in Perth prefer to make a deal when they are totally satisfied with the exterior as well as the interior condition of the car. Also, it helps to preserve the value of a car. This is why it is important to know how to maintain your car interior properly.

There are many simple and easy ways to maintain the interior of your car and you need to simply give some love and time to keep the interior of your car in pristine condition.

Here Are Some of The Best Ways To Maintain The Interior of Your Car:

Vacuum The Car Seats and Floors

One of the best ways to maintain the interior of your car is to vacuum the car seats and floor at least once a week. It helps to keep the car clean as well as maintain hygiene, which is important for your overall health.

Always invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner and make sure to attach the right heads to the vacuum hose to get dirt out from hard to reach places inside your car. A good vacuum cleaner will help to remove dirt and dust from cracks and crevices of your seats.

Try to keep the doors and windows open and clear out the floor mats, any kind of trash and other large items before using the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the front and back seats, the floor and also the trunk area to prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, make sure to vacuum under the pedals and along the side door panels.

Clean the Trash

Just like you do not want garbage or trash scattered here and there in your home, your car interior should not look like a trash bin. In fact, one of the best ways to maintain the interior of your car is to keep it free from any kind of trash.

Try to remover small trash pieces such as candy wrappers, paper pieces, plastic bottles, empty food containers, toys or used tissues from the floor from time to time. When clearing the trash, check everywhere thoroughly like the floor, under the seats, and in the seat cracks.

If you have small children and pet who travel with you a lot then it is recommended to put a trash bin and teach your children to use it properly. From time to time empty the trash bin or else your car interior will smell really bad.

Remove and Clean Floor Mats

Cleaning your car floor mats, whether made of rubber or upholstery, is one of the best ways to maintain your car interior. Keeping the floor mats clean will make your car smell better too!

Keep the car doors open and take out all the floor mats. Now, shake the mat outside as much as possible to remove any loose dirt. If the mats are made of rubber, use a hose to simply wash the mats. You can also use any liquid soap and old microfiber cloth to clean it.

If the mats are made of upholstery or cloth, clean them with water and soap and dry them properly before putting them back in the car.
Make sure to clean the floor mats only after removing from the car as water can damage your car’s interior.

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Remove Stains ASAP

Stains of any kind on the car seat or the floor are unsightly and hence stains should be removed as soon as possible. This is one of the best ways to maintain your car interior.

When taken care of immediately stains of tea, coffee, juice or water can be removed with care. Cleaning them out depends on the kind of material and type of stain. If the seats are made of leather, simply use commercially available cleaners and follow the instructions to remove the stains.

For cloth or upholstery seats, soak the stained part in detergent and water and let it sit for about ten minutes and finally dry it. Another best way to get stains out of car seats is to use the steam cleaning method.

For any kind of grease stains, a clean damp microfiber cloth should be used with salt water. If this doesn’t work then taking the help of a professional should be your best option.

Clean the Dashboard

It is the dashboard of your car that you and your passengers see first when entering a car. Hence, when thinking of how to maintain your car interior, try to keep the dashboard in pristine condition.

The best way to clean a car dashboard is to use a good quality dashboard cleaner (use a toxic-free one), which you can easily find in the market. Before using the dashboard cleaner, vacuum the entire dashboard with a soft brush attachment to remove any visible dirt and dust.

Then apply the dashboard cleaner to a microfiber cloth and then rub the material over your dashboard little by little. Also clean the steering wheel, dash cover, gear shift and centre console. Finally, wipe the area clean with a soft dry cloth.

Try to use a small brush to clean dashboard knobs, air vents, radio, and any other crevices where dust and dirt may accumulate. Once the dashboard has been completely cleaned, apply protective creams to restore your car’s appearance.

Clear The Trunk Area

Cleaning the trunk of a car is often an afterthought but it is an important part when you are wondering as how to maintain your car interior.

The trunk is the dirtiest part of your car. Because in this area you keep the motor oil, dirty boots, spare parts of the car, and other items. If not cleaned from time to time, the area will become smelly that may ultimately linger around the car interior.

Before cleaning the trunk part, make sure to remove all the items. Once the trunk is empty, vacuum it thoroughly, especially the hidden nooks and crannies, like the trunk lid. In case of any spills or stains clean them with an appropriate product.

Try to remove any extra item from the trunk to keep it clean. Also, it will help to save fuel as the extra load has a negative impact on the car’s mileage.

Clean Headliners and Visors

Headliners and visors are an important part of the car interior but they are often ignored. In fact, one of the best ways to maintain your car interior is to clean the headliners and visors from time to time.

While the headliners are the protective material that you can see on the roof inside the car, visors are the small blocks that are used to cover your eyes from sunlight. If not cleaned on regular basis, the headliners and visors become yellowish and look dirty. Also, if not maintained, the need for replacement of the whole component may arise.

With the help of a microfiber cloth and some mild fabric cleaner, you can gently wipe away any large dirt particles. For stubborn stains, spray a very small amount of fabric cleaner on the place and rub the area gently with a clean cloth. In the same way you can clean the visors.

More Ways to Maintain The Interior Of Your Car

  • Keep Interior windows spotless by spraying a window cleaner solution on windows. And wiping it off with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.
  • Regularly clean cup holders using a cotton swab dipped in a little cleaning solution. If the cup holder is removable then remove it for easier cleaning.
  • In case, you travel a lot with your pet, try using a rubber-dipped glove to remove pet hair.
  • To prevent the seats from pet damage, try using a waterproof seat protector.
  • Last but not least use a car freshener to keep the interior of your car smelling nice and fresh always.


Maintaining the cleanliness inside your car is a reflection of how hygienic you are. With the above-mentioned ways to maintain the interior of your car, you can easily keep the interior clean and hygienic. A well-maintained car will also help in keeping resale value high. Remember that people looking for cheap used cars for sale in Perth, check the exterior as well as the interior part of the car before finalizing a deal.

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