How Many Kilometres Is Enough When Buying A Used Car?

How Many Kilometres Is Enough When Buying A Used Car?

  • July 4, 2022
  • Eska Car Sales
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Are you in the market looking for a new set of wheels at a limited budget in Perth? Well, if the answer is “yes”, you can always look for a good second hand car in Perth.

The used car industry in Perth as well as other parts of Australia is big. In fact, the chance of finding cheap cars for sale in Perth is not a big issue. You can find your dream car in a good condition at a low price.

As there are many private sellers and used car dealers in Perth there will be no shortage of options. But choosing the best one from the list can be difficult at times. There are several factors that can help you in your purchase.

One such factor that you must give stress is the number of kilometres on the odometer. A second hand car will be in a good condition if the number of kilometres it has travelled in its lifetime is less and vice versa.

Keep in mind the value of used cars significantly reduces once it has crossed the mark of 200,000 kilometres.

How Many Kilometres Is A Good Buy?

Some cars can stand the test of time better as compared to others when compared on the basis of kilometres, mileage and performance. Also, the make and model of the car play a key role.
So, first of all decide on the make and model of the car you wish to purchase. A little bit of research online can give you some knowledge regarding how many kilometres for a given model of a used car are suitable.

Auto experts say that on an average, a car runs around 20,000 km per year in Australia. So, if a used car on sale is ten years old with a 200,000-kilometre record along with excellent service history, then it is a good purchase.

On the other hand, cars with 300,000 kilometres on the odometer are not considered a good purchase unless the price tag suits your budget and there are no other options available.

At times, despite the high number on the odometer, a second hand car can be in very good condition. This can be possible if the car is owned by a single person and it is well maintained and serviced regularly. Proper maintenance and timely service can increase the lifeline of any car.

Remember kilometres are just some numbers to help you decide how much you will be able to get out of a used car. Actually, it is the overall condition of the used car that says a lot. So, a second hand car must be analysed properly before making a final decision.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Along with the kilometres parameter also check out other important factors while buying a used car. This can help you avoid spending extra money on fixing things.

  • Your budget should be the first factor when you decide to buy used cars. Set a budget and stick to it or else you might have to regret it in the future. When setting a budget keep in mind the price of the car, fuel expenses, maintenance cost and other tit bits.
  • Make a list of your favourite makes and models before you start looking for cheap cars for sale in Perth. Some may be interested in a sport car while some may like to invest in a small family car. Deciding on these parameters will help in avoiding any kind of confusion.
  • You can buy used cars in Perth, Australia through a private seller, independent dealer or a reputed used car dealer. It is up to you regarding from where you wish to buy but if you have little knowledge about the buying process of used cars, it is better to take help from a reputed used car dealer.
  • Look at the car thoroughly externally as well as internally. If you notice rust on the outer body parts, avoid buying such a car. Rust means the car will deteriorate more in the coming days and you might have to spend a good amount of money fixing the problem. Even the interior seats and mats need to be checked properly.
  • It is recommended to get the car checked by an expert. Even if a car looks good from the outside, there might be problems that only experts can detect. Get the car checked thoroughly by an expert and wait for their final report.
  • Give importance to the safety features of the car. Most of the used cars come with some safety features and you must buy one that is equipped with the basic ones. Also, find out whether there is any scope for customization or not.
  • Also, find out the resale value of the car. It is considered a good purchase if the resale value of the car is high. You never know for how long you will be driving a second hand car. If the situation arises where you might need to sell the car, then you should get some good money.
  • Finally, go for a test drive to get the real feel. When you sit behind the wheel and drive the car on the road, you get to know about the car’s actual condition.


Along with the distance, a car has travelled, give equal importance to other factors (mentioned above) too for determining the value of a car.

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