Money Saving Tips for Your Next Car Purchase in Australia

Money Saving Tips For Your Next Car Purchase In Australia

  • June 27, 2022
  • Eska Car Sales
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After a home, a car is the next big thing that a person dreams of. Nowadays, a car is not a luxury item but a necessity. It becomes convenient to commute from one place to another if you have your own car. Also, a car can save your valuable time and money.

In Australia, the market for new cars as well as second hand cars is very big. You can easily find a car of your dream. But, irrespective of whether you are interested in buying a brand new car or a second hand car, you need to plan in advance.

Buying a new car is not a typical everyday purchase because it requires a good amount of your hard earned money. Even the cheapest car will cost you thousands of dollars.

Everyone is not rich enough to shell out a good amount of money on a new car. Nothing to get disappointed as you can easily find used cars for sale in Perth at a reasonable rate.

There are many used car dealers in Perth who can guide you on how to save money to buy a car.

Here Are Some Small Tips To Save Money For Your Next Car Purchase.

Know How Much Money Is Needed

When buying a new car you should set a budget first. This will give you an idea regarding how much to save for your next car. When setting the budget, bear in mind the upfront costs as well as the running costs.

Apart from the price of the car you are planning to purchase, there are other multiple expenses too. For instance, car loan repayments are the biggest cost in most cases. Loan can take up a good amount of your monthly income.

Also, there will be expenses in the form of fuel, car insurance, maintenance costs, servicing and even repairing costs. Registration and licensing will also cost money.

Choose The Right Time

Car prices often fluctuate and there are certain times when you can buy a car at a lower price.

Car dealers often come up with lucrative offers on cars at some particular time of the year. You need to wait for that time to save money on your purchase.

For instance, if you buy a car at the end of the month, dealers offer discounts on cars to achieve a sales target to earn some bonus from the manufacturer.

The end of the financial year is another good time to go for car shopping. To boost financial year sales figures, dealers are ready to offer huge discounts. Apart from discounts, many best used car dealers in Perth try to lure customers with extended warranties, roadside assistance or extra accessories.

Even the month of December is a good time to invest in a car as dealers want to sell more cars built that year before the tag of last year’s model mark the market.

Research And Research

There is no shortage of used cars in the market. With proper research, you can crack a good deal and save a lot of money. In fact, research is the key mantra for how to save money while buying car.

Sometime a car of same make and model is priced differently at two different places. With proper research you can find out from where you can buy a model at discounted price.

Decide on the model and find out the resale value of a second hand car. Do not pay attention to the sticker price. With correct information and good negotiation talent, you can purchase the best amongst used cars for sale in Perth at a low price and save money.

When researching about the market price, bear in mind the potential cost of repairs (if any) and service fees too.

Give Stress On Fuel Efficiency

Apart from the price you need to pay for a second hand car in Perth, you need to calculate the maintenance cost of the car beforehand.

Experts say if you have two models in mind, go for one that is more fuel efficient. Fuel cost is something you have to bear if you are driving a car. As fuel price is increasing day by day, it will be a smart choice to invest in a car that gives you a good mileage.

You can ask the auto experts at the second hand car dealers about the fuel efficiency of different models.

Once you buy a car, for better mileage always invest in good quality fuel. Also, check the fuel tanks and fuel lines from time to time for signs of leakage. Ask the auto experts at used car dealers in Perth to know about the best fuel efficient cars.

Take Other’s Advice

When it comes to how to save money to buy a car, do not rely blindly upon what the dealer is telling you. It is the work of the dealer to lure customers and increase their sales.

So, hop from one dealer to another to know the features or qualities of a given model. Negotiate and find out the best deal for your new car.

If needed take a friend or a family member having good knowledge about automobiles before closing the deal. This can help a lot in making the right decision.

It is even recommended to get the second-hand car checked by an expert to get a good deal and avoid spending extra money on unnecessary repairs in the future.

Apply For Loan

When buying a car it is not feasible to pay everything in cash. If you are planning to buy by taking a loan, plan ahead.

Look for a multiple car insurance companies to find out the best deal. There are many flexible and low-rate car financing options to suit different needs and budgets. A little research will help you to find the best option.

For best car loan, you need to improve your credit score. It can be done by making your repayments on time and cutting your debts as much as possible.

Some Tips To Save Money After Buying A Car

  • Drive responsibly and avoid overspeeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking to save fuel.
  • Keep your car properly tuned to improve power output, handling and speed.
  • Get your car serviced from time to time.
  • Change the oil and oil filter as per your car manual.
  • Always park your car on shades to avoid the evaporation of fuel.
  • To get the best deals on car insurance renewal research at least a month before the due date.
  • If possible opt for carpooling. This way you will save money on fuel and your car will last longer.

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