Used Car Checklist: Things To Consider While Buying A Used Car

Used Car Checklist: Things To Consider While Buying A Used Car

  • September 20, 2021
  • Eska Car Sales
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The auto industry is constantly upgrading as advancements in technology and features is also hiking the prices and reaching new heights. New cars are getting costlier and making a tough game to win for the common man. Considering a used car for purchase is making more sense for a person upgraded from a two-wheeler or public transportation. Apart from saving the user from busting the wallet, used cars are certified and meticulously inspected by skilled automobile expert that can ensure you have made a genuine purchase. If you are in the market for a used car, there are numerous aspects you need to consider for making a smart purchase that provides you with the actual value of money you have spent. We have drafted a used car checklist that will help you in making an ideal purchase for you and your family.

Understanding all the costs

Buying a car is not one single shot payment. Various other upfront costs are needed to be considered while settling down on a vehicle. Some of the ongoing expenses of cars are fuel, insurance, tax, servicing, and MOTs that play a role in helping you with deciding on your car purchase. Taking the help of a certified used car dealer can be beneficial in considering all the upfront costs of a car and make the desired purchase.

Vehicle Age

Undoubtedly one of the essential things to consider while buying a used car is its age. While going for a used car, it becomes imperative to know the vehicle’s age that you should ask from the previous owner or second-hand car dealer. Cars are tangible objects that are too subject to wear and tear after a sudden period; hence, deciding on purchase whether it is six months or six years should be taken seriously. It does not require expert knowledge that more car age makes its wear and tear more complicated and costly. Even if the car is driven with excellence, its performance will surely get adversely affected after a specific period. Ask for the vehicle’s legitimate documents from the dealer or previous car owner to know its age and consider that as a foundation of making your purchase decision.

Checking the Car Condition

After considering the age, the second aspect that deserves the prime concentration of buyers is car condition. A used car cannot provide the same level of experience compared to a brand new counterpart, it still should be having a robust running condition. The best way to judge car condition is a test drive that can provide a much-needed report of all the major systems such as steering, wheels, engine, radiator, and many more as such.

Apart from the major components, small aspects such as car body, doors, lighting, air conditioner, and exhaust also deserve inspection before considering the purchase decision. It goes without saying that if anything is missing or damaged in the car, it will be seeking extra repairs that will come along with additional money other than the purchase amount. Analysing the car condition is one of the essential steps in a second-hand car checklist that should be taken wisely.


No two drivers are the same because everyone treats their cars differently. There cannot be a debate that the way you drive is parallel to its performance, the good, the better. Some people give their best efforts in taking care of the car by considering all the repairs and services. Many people are less interested in caring too much and treat the car as merely any other object. Try to go for a vehicle having fewer owners while choosing a second-hand car from the different options provided. The possibility of best care and support is when a car is driven by fewer people compare to many.

Car Insurance

While buying a used four vehicler, its insurance should get legitimately transferred to the new buyer name. If the seller fails to do, the buyer must get it done. Going as per law, there may be legitimate issues if the vehicle protection isn’t moved in the new proprietor’s name and the vehicle is associated with a mishap or other grievous occasions. Buyers need to check if the ongoing insurance plan is a Third-party Liability strategy or straight from the owner. Buyers can likewise decide to purchase new insurance for themselves by ceasing the current/ previous one. Driving without substantial car insurance is a culpable offence in Australia and many places around the world.


As per the experience of Automobile experts, a vehicle will pile up around 20,000 km every year. As mileage is one of the factors for most car buyers, if the vehicle you’re checking out has high or low mileage, divide the number on the odometer by the age. A vehicle with high mileage has more mileage on its mechanical parts.


Buying a used car helps you save money and at the same time provide you luxury feeling many people experience with a four-wheeler. The above mentioned used car checklist will bust numerous myths and misconceptions people have while going for a second-hand vehicle Getting a good deal on a used car is complicated than buying a new one. Consider all these points, and you will be confident in what you are looking for in your used car and enjoy a smooth driving experience for years to come.

Many auto experts are big advocates of considering certified used car dealers in Perth rather than previous owners. Reputed car dealers inspect the cars from various aspects before considering them to purchase and sell to a different user. They perform the used car checklist and ensure their customers are satisfied with the purchase. If you are considering a second car, going for a second-hand car dealer will provide you with a plethora of options as per your budget and expectations.

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