Best Ways To Customize Your Used Cars in Perth

Best Ways To Customize Your Used Cars in Perth

  • May 23, 2022
  • Eska Car Sales
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Investing in a second hand car is a smart choice for many. You get to buy the model of your choice at a much lesser price as compared to a brand new one. In fact, the market for used cars for sale in Perth is huge and everyday sales of used cars is massive.

Buying a second hand car is easy now-a-days. Go through dealers, who are an expert to look for best used cars to buy. From endless paper works, registrations to insurance issues and transfers, everything will be taken care of professionally.

From Audi to Mercedes to BMW, you can surely find your favourite car, but there might be something that needs to be changed. With a little bit of thinking and customization, you can give your second hand car a new makeover.

Here Are Some of The Best Ways To Customize Your Used Cars in Perth


1. Clean Properly:

clean your car

If your second hand car has an unflattering appearance, it can be easily fixed with a proper car wash. A good service of the interior as well as exterior of the car will make it more appealing. This will also make your vehicle free of dirt and clogs. Before washing, make sure to remove the carpets and other things from the car. Also, do not forget to sanitize your new car once the cleaning is over.

You can clean the car yourself or get it done by an expert.


2. Change the Carpet:

Apart from the beauty part, replacing the carpet is very important from hygienic point of view also. This is one of the best ways to customize your used cars in Perth.

You can opt for rubber mats that are the most durable and long lasting. Fabric floor mats that come with attractive colours and designs are also a good choice.

Mats made of thick vinyl material and 3D mats can also give a premium look to your used car.


3. Change the Seat Covers:

Sometimes a little investment on the car seat covers is all that your second hand car might need. Changing the seats or upgrading the materials will not make a hole in your pocket but will surely give the old car an aesthetic feel.

You can opt for leather, faux animal skin or even faux fur seat covers. When it comes to colours, you can settle down for vibrant or sophisticated ones depending upon your personality.


4. Repaint:

Even if everything about your second hand car is good, giving it a new paint can make it even more appealing to the eyes. Changing the paint is the first thing you should consider to give your car a personal touch. This is another best ways to customize your used cars in Perth.

You can simply change the colour or opt for some designs like racer stripes, or flames to suit your personal style.


5. Change the Stereo System:

Car Stereo System

To make drive enjoyable in your new second hand car, simply upgrade the music system. Investing in a new car stereo will add high-tech functionality into your car.

You can opt for an easy plug-in stereo system or a more complex one that come with pre-set channels, excellent sound quality, touch screen controls and Bluetooth facilities.


6. Replace the Fuel Filter:

The fuel filter keeps dirt, rust, paint chips and other impurities that can cause harm to the engine and prevent the car from running smoothly. In fact, it is recommended to replace fuel filter every 2 years or 30,000 miles.

Depending on how old is your second hand car, replacing the fuel filter is a good decision to increase the life of the car engine.

You must take your car to a mechanic to change the fuel filters. Also, the mechanic can even tell you about other used parts of the engine that need repair.


7. Change the Oil:

To increase the life expectancy of a car it is important to change the oil. So, after buying a second hand car, change all the fluids before taking the car home.

When you look for used cars for sale Perth, you will find many models that come with service reminder monitors that alert you when oil needs to be changed. However, experts recommend changing oil in six months. This can change depending on the car type and model.


8. Change the Tyres:

Change Car Tyres

Typically, the tyres of a car should be replaced every 5 to 6 years. This is important for the safety of the vehicle. So, when you are buying a second hand car, check the tyres and tread and if needed change them immediately.

You can take advice from a mechanic to find out the condition of the tyres and tread and can even help in changing the tyres.

Along with the tyres, you can opt for some new rims. This will surely change the way your car looks.


9. Other Quick Fixes:

To give a new look to your recently bought second hand car, opt for some more quick fixes.

• You can replace and upgrade the car headlights. It is recommended to invest in quality LED lights that can make driving at night and rainy season easy.

• Scratches and minor dents on the bumpers are easy to repair that can be done at a little price.

• Change of windshield wipers and steering wheels can also make a lot of difference.

• From safety point of view, you must also change brake paddles, buttons and other working parts of the car.


Hope the above ways to customize your used cars in Perth has given you a good idea regarding what to do and what not to do.

If you are buying a used car, Eska Car Sales is one of the best used car dealers in Perth. Our experts are ready to serve you. Right from helping you to buy the best used car in Perth to customization of the car, you can find the right advice and solution here at Eska Car Sales.

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