What Happens If The Car Battery Dies While Driving?

What Happens If The Car Battery Dies While Driving?

  • February 20, 2023
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What if, during your long-awaited summer trip with your family, your car battery dies while driving?

The fact of the matter is that your car battery can die anytime while driving. If a car battery fails while the vehicle is still running, it usually indicates that the car’s electrical system has suffered serious damage.

The car battery dies while driving due to various reasons. One major cause is that the alternator may stop functioning as it is the primary source that keeps the battery charged. Another problem is regarding the starter motor. It might not be able to produce enough power to start the engine if it is worn out or corroded.

Pay attention to the battery indicator light’s warning and pull your car off the road to a secure parking spot. The engine will stop functioning shortly after the battery runs out.

Can a Car Battery Die While Driving?

Has your car battery died? Driving with a dead battery can be terrifying. The majority of the car’s components will lose power, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Car batteries are a vital source of equipment for the vehicle since it runs even after the car is switched off. At times, extreme weather conditions may be one of the causes of a battery that fails. When your car battery dies, it is essential to move your car toward the edge of the road if you find the battery warning. This helps in the safety of the passengers in the car.

If you’re looking to buy used cars, it’s important to check the condition of the battery before making a purchase. A weak or worn-out battery can lead to unexpected breakdowns and added expenses. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a mechanic inspect the battery and electrical system to ensure they are in good working order before buying a used car.

A car battery’s life is 3 to 7 years at the maximum. In colder regions, car batteries die while driving and fail very quickly due to climatic conditions.

Even if your battery dies while you’re on the road, your car’s engine will still function. After you turn off the engine, you cannot restart it. When you drive your automobile, the alternator supplies energy to the engine and recharges the battery. Driving with a dead battery will make no difference if your alternator is still functional.

Common Reasons Why Car Battery Dies While Driving

In addition to being an important aspect of car maintenance, a reliable car battery is also essential for all of us especially for those looking to buy and sell used cars. As a car owner in Perth, it’s important to understand the common reasons why car battery dies while driving to avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure that your car is in good condition.

By working with reputable used car dealers in Perth who offer quality services for battery maintenance and replacement, you can not only keep your car running smoothly but also have access to a wide selection of quality pre-owned vehicles for sale, making it easier to buy and sell used cars with confidence.

  • Being Out Of Fuel

This is one of the preliminary factors commonly found in most cases. Check and ensure that your fuel tank or gauge isn’t empty. It helps in the proper management of fuel levels in the vehicle.

To prevent this, it’s critical to pay attention to the slight buzzing sound that occurs as you turn the ignition key in your car. Once your fuel tank is full, you will be able to restart the engine and travel for some distance. So, fuel scarcity is again a major cause of battery failure.

In either case, it is necessary to have your battery inspected and/or replaced as needed before embarking on any long journeys because once it dies completely, you will be stuck.

  • Keeping The Lights On

In some of the newly launched cars, there is a feature of the headlights that turns off automatically when not in use. But, if your car doesn’t have that feature, try to maintain one by switching them off when you get out of the vehicle.

If your headlights and other lights are turned on and stay for a longer time, it drains your car battery gradually, and finally, the battery dies. Notably, the headlights consume more electricity compared to any other components in the car.

Motorists need to switch off the lights and other components that consume battery power when not in use.

  • Alternator Problems

The alternator’s diode, which is the primary supplier of power and charging for batteries, can also cause the problem of battery failure. If the diode of the alternator becomes corroded, it will cause the circuit to draw power even though the engine is not functioning.

The alternator powers the battery and supplies extra electricity while the engine is running. It is essential for the electrical systems in your car. The alternator still needs to charge a brand-new battery.

The alternator and battery must be in communication before your car will drive. If the red battery light on the dashboard flashes, it is an indication that the alternator is sending a warning signal.

  • A Faulty/Old Battery

It is a completely unfortunate situation when a battery fails during the drive. Any kind of battery today does not last long due to external factors. The only source that keeps pulling the car even after the failure of the battery is the Alternator.

The last cause of a car battery drain is an aged battery. Therefore, if you frequently experience auto battery depletion issues, it’s probably time to buy a reliable battery. The best course of action for you is to visit a reputable mechanic to get a new battery.

  • Electrical Problems

Electrical units are just like the nervous system in human bodies. Although they may appear minor, electrical issues have a significant impact on the failure of a car battery. This indicates that there might be an issue preventing current from reaching the starter motor with the ignition coil, distributor cap, or spark plug wire(s).

Electrical units are to be thoroughly verified every time to ensure proper sealing and good condition of wires. The sensor or the battery indicator is sometimes subdivided under the electrical problem category as it may lead to unawareness of the motorist about the battery’s life and state of working.

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What To Do If Your Car Battery Dies While Driving?

You must always stay pre-planned on how to solve and manage a situation where you feel that a car battery died and what to do. This may occur accidentally but you must be aware of it and be ready to face its consequences. Here are some of the tips that you could follow if your car battery dies.

  • Restart your Car

Do not put your entire pressure on the car. Take some time and then try restarting. Start by removing the key from the ignition. After giving the car some time to rest, try starting it.

If the car gets started after a try, then thank you for your effort. The next important step is to switch off all the devices and components such as radio, lights, AC, and other parts that consume heavy power from the batteries.

Do not drive very rough. Make sure you drive straight to the mechanic shop and make the valid changes to be implemented or else you will face difficulty in driving.

  • Make your Emergency Flashers On

If it’s nightfall, there will be no way for passing automobiles to see you because your car won’t have any lights. We would advise setting up roadside flares as a result. You’ll have them on hand if you put together an emergency bag.

In the emergency bag, carry jumper cables, belt cutters, window breakers, portable air compressors, and so on. These would help you out during an emergency.

This emergency flasher would help you out to an extent in extending your safety while on road. Especially during nighttime, this would help other cars passing by to recognize you.

  • Try to Call for Help

First, take a deep breath and try not to get alarmed. As soon as you can, try to enlist assistance from someone who can tow your vehicle to a repair facility. You can also follow some maintenance advice from auto specialists to handle such scenarios with simplicity.

Ask your partner, best friend, or a member of your family whether they can come to you with jumper wires by giving them a call. If you have to get somewhere and don’t have time to jumpstart your car, they can at least drive you there.

Most towing firms will either haul you to a repair shop that can determine whether you need a new battery, a recharge, or just a jumpstart, or they will come to you and jumpstart your car for a cost. Most of the time, a jump start is all that is required to revive a dead battery.

How Do I Know When a Car Battery Needs Replacing?

You must check the status and condition of the vehicle’s battery to repair and maintain the same. To ensure the good working condition of a battery, follow these steps

  • Battery life

Every automotive battery has a life expectancy. From one unit to another, it may differ. To determine the battery’s age, look for an engraved code or sticker on the battery. As an alternative, you can check the code on the manufacturer’s shipping date.

Every auto battery has a set life expectancy. Nevertheless, there might be variances between different units. Read the imprinted code or have a look at the label to find out a battery’s age. It may be possible that the code was generated on the same day that it was sent out of the factory.

  • Checking Battery Voltage

You can go to the closest auto parts store or a mechanic shop to test the voltage of the car’s battery. If you discover that the car’s battery voltage is low, you must replace it.

Any auto parts store or mechanic can check the battery’s charge. Checking a battery’s voltage rarely costs anything and only takes a few minutes. Get a new battery if the one in your car has low voltage.


Having a trained mechanic scan your automobile can help you identify any problems and prevent more significant damage from occurring, ultimately saving you money over time. When changing the batteries in your car, always use brand-new ones and ensure that you install the right voltage for your specific make and model.

Last but not least, bear in mind that routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups will keep your automobile operating smoothly as well! Try to quickly and precisely identify the car battery dead signs the next time your car battery dies while staying safe. Try the solutions we’ve provided if your car battery dies, and if they don’t work, think about buying a new battery. But once more, put safety first in whatever you do.