Australia's 10 Best Car Battery Brands - Mechanics Recommendations

Australia’s 10 Best Car Battery Brands – Mechanics Recommendations

  • December 26, 2022
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Nobody wants to face a situation where your car simply refuses to start. To avoid such a situation, make sure to use the best car battery for your four-wheeler. Always remember that the backbone of your car is its battery.

The car will perform better when it is equipped with the best quality battery and vice versa. Moreover, a good quality battery improves the mileage of your vehicle incredibly. For this reason, accurate information about all the basic components of a car, including the car battery’s size and ampere-hour ratings, is provided in the owner’s handbook. It is strongly advised to use a car battery with an Ah rating more than or equal to that of the battery listed in the instructions. The performance and mileage of the car will be affected by a battery with a lower AH rating.

As there are batteries of different brands, choosing the right battery for your four-wheeler can be confusing at times. The size, capacity and type of vehicle are basic considerations when it comes to choosing a battery. At the same time, the cost of the car battery is also a pivotal factor which affects decision-making.

No matter what, the importance of a good car battery cannot be ignored. In order to assist you in making the best choice, we have included a checklist of the finest car batteries in Australia in this post. Use this list to determine which battery is ideal for your four-wheeler.

Here are Australia’s top 10 car battery brands recommended by mechanics:

1. Yuasa Century Car Battery

Yuasa Century Car Battery

Yuasa century car battery is one of the most dependable and most recognized battery brands available in Australia. This car battery has established itself as an industry leader and its sale has reached new heights every year. This car battery manufacturing company recycles around 3000 tons of lead-acid batteries every year. This small step by the company helps a lot to maintain a clean environment.

Yuasa Century car batteries feature cold cranking amps (cck), reversing capacity, and hot cranking amps (hck). All of which were created with Australia’s road conditions in mind. Century offers batteries not only for automobiles but also for machines, buses, trucks, yachts, and other applications.

2. SuperCharge Batteries

SuperCharge Batteries

Ramcar, the parent firm of SuperCharge Batteries, was established in 1919 and operates in 38 nations, including Australia. In terms of deep cycle, motive, automotive, motorcycle, and industrial applications, it is currently one of the top providers of stored electrical energy solutions.

It is also a recycler of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB), thus contributing to the betterment of the environment. Supercharge car batteries are known for their long life and solid consistency in performance. This is the main reason why SuperCharge Batteries are considered the right choice for the Australian automotive industry.

3. Marshall Batteries

Marshall Batteries

Marshall Batteries are ruling the Australian market for nearly 75 years and is one of the best car battery brands in the country. This brand is popular for not just providing high quality batteries but also roadside help in the form of battery replacement, fleet battery servicing, and jump starts. In case, you are on the road and face any of these problems with your car battery, help is easily available.

To help the environment, this business even takes the initiative to recycle old, dead batteries. In reality, it is likely that the recycling business produces 96,000 metric tonnes or so of refined lead and lead alloys annually. To meet the need for SUVs, four-wheel drive, solar, caravan, marine, motorbike, lawnmowers, heavy truck, and industrial requirements, there are several types of Marshall Batteries.

4. Optima


One of the most well-known brands in Australia when it comes to batteries is Optima Battery. Since its establishment by Johnson Controls in 2012, Optima Company has produced only batteries. The Optima Company advanced with the creation of an autonomous battery charger and maintenance in 2017.

The Optima Company provides wet and dry batteries for the commercial vehicle, marine, and automotive industries. These batteries are popular as they are the ultimate power source. These batteries have a reputation for providing excellent performance, greater vibration resistance, more effective starting power, and longer service life even under difficult working conditions. The batteries work superbly in current accessory-full automobiles too.

5. ACDelco


The list of the top 10 car battery brands in Australia is incomplete without mentioning the name ACDelco. ACDelco is one of the best car battery brands. This company was setup in 1916 by General Motors. Since then it has made a name in the market for outstanding performance and high-quality batteries for different uses. The ability of ACDelco battery connectors to survive acidic environments extends the life of automobile batteries.

Aside from batteries, ACDelco offers a vast array of high-quality items for the automotive aftermarket, such as wiper blades, spark plugs, oil filters, and air filters. The business is prominent in the industry for providing a wide selection of cleansers, fluids, and oils.

6. Odyssey


Odyssey, is widely known as a global leader in the automobile aftermarket. Built for automotive, military, and industrial applications, these world-class batteries are built by EnerSys Energy Products Inc.

With double the power and higher life of conventional lead acid designs, Odyssey batteries are built to handle a range of automotive, marine, and heavy-duty equipments. There are sales and service facilities for Odyssey batteries all over the world, and they are available in 17 different nations. In Perth, it is observed that Odyssey batteries are the best option for increasing your car’s performance.

7. Bosch


Irrespective of which part you reside in Australia, you must have definitely heard about Bosch batteries. Since its inception in 1886, Bosch has made a name in the automobile industry as one of the best car battery brands mainly due to low cost and good performance. The batteries come with silver alloy technology that offers greater power, better corrosion resistance, substantial car battery life and totally maintenance-free battery experience.

S4 Quality Performance, S3 Value Performance, S5 Premium Power, and S6 High-Performance AGM are just a few of Bosch’s battery classes.

It has been found that the Bosch S3 battery is the first choice for best used cars in Perth with small electrical equipment. Automobiles with minimal auxiliary components are ideal candidates for the S4 variant. A Bosch S5 battery, on the other hand, is perfect for luxury vehicles.

8. Interstate

Interstate batteries

Interstate batteries are built for RVs, marine vehicles, agricultural vehicles, automobiles, trucks, heavy-duty lawnmowers, and garden tools, thus meeting the needs of various automotive owners.

It is the first choice for car batteries in Australia, especially for automobile owners looking for high quality at a low cost.

The batteries come in five distinct lines, namely – M, MT, MTP, MTX, & MTZ. MTP batteries are built for cold-weather vehicles, while MT batteries are built for hot-weather vehicles.MTZ batteries are the best choice for vehicles with heavy accessory loads by offering strong starts and high quality performance.

9. DieHard

DieHard batteries

On the list of the top automotive battery manufacturers, DieHard is a well-known brand. The batteries are built using cutting-edge technology to fulfil the power demands of every car user. Moreover, DieHard batteries are easily available worldwide.

Batteries from Diehard can be utilised to power small engines, marine and power sports equipment, automobiles, tractors, and heavily loaded farm tractors. The batteries come in five lines namely – Diehard Platinum, Diehard Platinum AGM, Diehard Gold, Diehard Red, and Diehard Silver.

Apart from excellent car battery life, Diehard batteries are also, durable, dependable and strong. The batteries function effectively even in freezing temperatures. This is why Diehard batteries are the first choice when it comes to improving the life of the best new or used cars in Perth, Australia.

10. ExpertPower

ExpertPower batteries

Since its establishment in 1987, ExpertPower has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the top 10 car battery brands in the world. ExpertPower provides a wide variety of energy storage equipment, storage solutions and supports services.

Battery series offered by ExpertPower include LifePO4 Series, Closed Lead Acid Series, and Power Station Batteries. Rechargeable LifePO4 Series cells are designed for electric vehicles and energy storage applications.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Absorbent Glass Matte technique used in the Lead-Acid series offers better performance, higher car battery life and greater dependability.


Choosing the right car battery is based on a few factors. Such as type, size, whether rechargeable or not as well as the price. Choose one from the above-mentioned list of top 10 car battery brands in Australia and give your vehicle and other equipments the best gift. The right battery will improve the performance as well as the mileage of your vehicles.

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