Used Car Mileage: Tips To Increase It

Used Car Mileage: Tips To Increase It

  • July 26, 2022
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When buying a second hand car, one important thing that you should look for is the mileage of the car. Petrol and diesel have become very expensive in recent times and hence buying a car with poor mileage will be a big mistake. Therefore, everyone wants to know about the top tips to increase their car mileage.

Looking at the increased price of fuel, investing in a car giving poor mileage will ultimately increase your expenses only. In fact, due to the increasing price of fuel, it is no longer a commodity that you can use lavishly without a second thought. This is why mileage has recently become an important factor when looking for second hand cars for sale in Perth. After all, every second hand car buyer will prefer to spend their hard earned money on best fuel efficient vehicles.

Hence, when you are at the best place to buy second hand cars in Western Australia, give stress on fuel efficient cars. You will find many fuel-efficient used car for sale in Perth. All you need to do is do your research properly and invest in best fuel efficient vehicles.
No matter how old a car is, you can follow some simply tips to increase car mileage. This will help you to make fewer visits to the fuel station and save money as much as possible.

Here Are Some Of The Top Tips To Increase Car Mileage:

1. Take Good Care of the Engine

Regular cleaning and servicing of the engine is one of the best fuel saving tips for car.

The way you take care of the car’s engine has a direct connection with its mileage. It means when you take good care of the engine you will get good mileage and vice versa. Engine is the life of your second hand car and hence to increase car mileage take good care of it.

Make sure your car does not have dirty and clogged filters or else it will prevent good air flow and ultimately causing more fuel consumption. Regular servicing will help keep the filters of your car clean and even tell you about the faulty parts that need to be changed.

Always opt for timely service to get better fuel efficiency.

2. Keep the Car Light

One of the most important car mileage tips is not to make the car unnecessarily heavy. Remember the heavier the car the more will be the fuel consumption. Fuel mileage is reduced by 1% if you have 50 kg of extra weight in your car.

Do not use your car to store extra or bulky items. Be it the cargo area or the passenger seats; do not keep unnecessary things there. For instance, if you have to travel to some place, storing the luggage in the cargo area is understandable but storing a luggage in the cargo area without any solid reason is not.

Keep these fuel saving tips for car in mind and regularly check the cargo area and empty the unnecessary items. Also, make sure not to keep the child safety seat inside the car if you are not travelling with a child.

3. Maintain the Right Air Pressure

Another important fuel saving tips for car is to always keep the tyre pressure in check. In fact, driving a car with the correct air pressure has a direct link with its fuel consumption.

Low tyre pressure causes more contact area between road and tyre. As a result the friction between the tyre and the road increases, leading to more fuel consumption. On the other hand, overinflated tyres lead to a better economy, but at the cost of tyre grip and safety. Hence, always make sure the air pressure in a tyre is at an optimal level.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure to get maximum mileage as well as safety. Without proper tyre pressure your second hand car will give 10-15 percent less mileage.

4. Keep the Windows Shut

Another important car mileage tips that is often ignored is the aerodynamics of the car when you are driving it.

When vehicles run at high speeds, they are aerodynamically designed to cut through the air during motion. This aerodynamics is directly linked to a car’s mileage. This is why opening up windows, even slightly at higher speeds cause higher drag, ultimately giving poor mileage.

During summer days, always turn on the car air conditioner when driving at a good speed. However, constant use of air conditioner on its maximum setting can lead to poor mileage (especially at low speed). So, try to keep the AC setting at low and the windows close to get good car mileage. Make sure the windows are not open even slightly.

5. Use Correct Engine Oil

To increase car mileage do not ignore the importance of good quality engine oil.

The quality of the engine oil grade is directly linked to the car’s mileage. Engine oil for a car works just like what blood does for a human being. It is impossible for any car to function at its best without engine oil. It protects the moving parts of the car engine against wear and tear even when temperatures inside the motor go high.

Read your vehicle’s manual to know about the recommended engine oil and try to use that only. At the same time, make sure there is no kind of oil leakage, or else the engine will need to suffer a lot. Again, poor engine performance means poor mileage.

6. Use Gears Correctly

For any fuel efficient cars, using the gears correctly is important for its mileage.

When you follow the habit of changing gears correctly, be assured of getting high mileage even from your second hand. This important tip to increase car mileage is applicable to both manual and automatic transmission cars.

Use gears at the correct speed and avoid sudden gear changes at regular intervals. This is important as sudden bursts of acceleration reduce a car’s mileage. Always remember that a car consumes more fuel in lower gears during acceleration; hence try to shift to the highest possible gear when driving.

To improve car mileage and save fuel, try to accelerate slowly and gradually.

More Tips to Increase Car Mileage

  • Try to go easy with the pedal and avoid speeding, then braking and hitting fast acceleration to make driving thrilling.
  • Regularly check wheel alignment as misaligned cars can negatively affect car mileage and fuel economy.
  • When driving always try to maintain an optimal speed limit. Both high speed and low speed are not good for your car mileage.
  • Sitting in the car and burning fuel is not a good option. So, whenever you need to stop for more than 40 seconds simply turn off the ignition.
  • Try to use a route planner before turning on the engine. Choose a route with fewer stops for better mileage.
  • Try to fill up your fuel tank in the morning as cooler temperature gives better fuel density.
  • When you fill up the tank, do it halfway and try to keep your tank above one-quarter full.
  • For short distances that you can walk around easily do not take your car.
  • Carpooling is one of the best car mileage tips. So whenever possible opt for carpooling.


Simply employ the above-mentioned tips to increase car mileage in order to increase the fuel efficiency of your second hand car and reduce your monthly fuel expenditure.

Moreover, when searching for a used car for sale Perth give stress on fuel efficient cars, Make a list of the best fuel efficient vehicles and look for the best place to buy second hand cars, Auto experts will guide you to get the best deal on second hand cars and will even give you tips to maintain your second hand car and how to increase car mileage.