Best 10 Ways To Save Fuel For A Car Driver

Best 10 Ways To Save Fuel For A Car Driver

  • May 11, 2022
  • Eska Car Sales
  • Automobile

Fuel price is rising at a rocket speed and it has become hard on the pockets of car owners.

In fact, many people are opting for cars with high fuel efficiency even if the price of those models is higher. But this type of investment is not going to help, unless you are following the below mentioned best tips to save fuel.

You can use these 10 fuel saving tips for car and get the best out of their fully loaded tank:

1. Use Short Routes

Suppose you are going to a particular destination and there are several routes to reach there. Then one of the best tips to save fuel is to choose the shortest one.

Also, before you start your journey, try to know about the flow of traffic. This way you avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking and thus save fuel.

2. Avoid Idling

Idling for more than thirty seconds will consume more fuel as compared to turning on your vehicle again. Also, long idling is not even good for the environment.

Hence, avoid long idling if you want the best mileage from your car. Simply switch off the engine, if you are parking your car on the roadside for taking a phone call or for some other reason. Also, make a rule to switch off the engine at crossings and traffic lights.

3. Keep the Trunk Empty

Extra weight in the trunk lowers the fuel efficiency. Always remember the lighter the vehicle, the better is the mileage. So, to get better mileage avoid heavy or unnecessary load in the trunk. Avoid using the trunk to store things and have a look at the trunk from time to time for any unnecessary bags, unneeded tools or stray items.

4. Drive like a Gentleman

Each car model and type offers different mileage, For instance, cars with light weight are more fuel efficient as compared to SUVs. It is common to blame the car type for poor mileage, but remember driving style also has a direct impact on fuel consumption.

Fast driving, weaving in and out of traffic and frequent accelerating can have a negative impact on fuel economy. So, a driver must accelerate the car in a smooth and steady manner. Avoid fast braking and drive your car in a moderate and steady speed to save fuel.

5. Regular Maintenance

Irrespective of the type and model of your car, regular maintenance is a must. It is one of the best tips to save fuel. Keep your car in top condition all the time. There should be no unaligned wheels or dirty air filters as these can lead to higher fuel consumption. Do not make the mistake of skipping regular services as recommended by the manufacturers thinking it will save money.

6. Tyre Pressure

Car drivers must not ignore the importance of tyres as they play a key role in giving a good mileage. As the engine power is used in making the tyres roll, bad types can put a lot of pressure on the engine. This in turn increases fuel consumption.

So, avoid low tyre pressure and always keep the tyres inflated at either the recommended air pressure or higher. Check the tyre pressure every now and then also before going on a long drive. It is even recommended to invest in tire gauges to ensure tyres are inflated to the recommended level.

7. Use Quality Fuel

If you want the best mileage for your car, be careful about what goes inside the engine. A poor quality fuel can have negative impact on your car engine’s efficiency. Always invest in good quality fuel.

Also avoid higher-octane gas, until and unless your car requires it. Make sure to check the fuel tanks and fuel lines from time to time for signs of leakage.

Always try to park your car in the shade to prevent the fuel from evaporating. This is an important fuel-saving tip for your car.

8. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly

Use the air conditioner only when needed for better mileage. The air conditioner puts extra load on the engine, leading to more fuel consumption.

Keep the windows down when the weather is nice and enjoy the drive. But avoid opening the windows when driving at a high speed as will increase the drag, putting more pressure on the engine.

9. Opt for Carpooling

One of the best tips to save fuel is to carpool actively. This is good for your car as well as the environment.

Instead of five to six cars on the road driving to and from in the same route, having one car on the road can help save money, reduce traffic and make the drive more enjoyable.

Ask your colleagues and friends who travel on the same route daily and opt for carpooling.

10. Avoid Short Trips

Another fuel saving tips for car is not to use your car if you are travelling to a nearby supermarket, park or someone’s house. Short trips drive will consume more fuel as compared to long drives. Short distance drives do not allow the engine to reach its optimum operating temperature, thus consuming more fuel. So, try to avoid short car trips and simply walk or bike which is good for your health too.

These tips from auto experts at Eska Car Sales will help you drive more with less fuel consumption. Our team of experts are always there to provide you with the right information.

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