Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in Australia

Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in Australia

  • June 20, 2022
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Cars like Nissan LEAF. Hyundai Kona, MG ZS, Volvo XC40, Tesla MODEL 3, Porsche TAYCAN, BMW I Series and Kia EV6 have one thing in common. All these are electric cars that you can easily spot on the roads of Australia.

In Australia, the market for electric vehicles (EV) is growing day by day. In fact, to suit the needs, tastes, and budgets of different buyers, more car manufacturing companies are coming up with cheap and affordable EVs or hybrid cars in Australia in a couple of years.

What Do You Mean By Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicle (EV) also known as a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is a type of automobile that runs with the help of one or more electric motors that use batteries to supply power.

The batteries need to be charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source from time to time. There are charging stations in different parts of Australia where you can easily charge an electric car.

As energy is stored in batteries, there is no question of fuel consumption. Such vehicles have a low maintenance cost. Moreover, an electric vehicle costs much less as compared to cars with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Savings is more when you consider fuel saving cost, low tax rate and state incentives.

As electric vehicles are zero-emission vehicles, they are good for the environment too.

How Do You Charge An Electric Vehicle?

It is easy to charge an electric vehicle. All you need to do is plug it into a public charging station or into a home charger. There are several electric cars charging stations around Australia to keep the vehicle fully charged no matter where you are going without the need to stop mid way for charging.

If you wish to save money on charging at public EV charging stations in Australia, you can always opt for home charging. All you need is the right EV electricity tariff and keep your car always charged.

Before you buy an electric vehicle, you should have some knowledge about the best EV charging companies in Australia.

Here Is A List Of The Top 5 EV Charging Companies in Australia

1. Tritium

Based in Brisbane Australia, Tritium is a popular EV charger company. Tritium is a specialist in designing and manufacturing power-electronic systems. It also manufactures DC fast chargers for electric vehicles and battery energy-storage applications.

This company is a pioneer in making the world shift from gas-powered cars to fully electric cars. It has come up with a number of EV charging stations across Australia so that owners of electric vehicles do not have to restrict their drive.

In fact, on the Australian roads, it is easy to locate a charging outlet owned by Tritium. Recently, it has announced to install more than 300 RTM 50kW fast chargers across Australia. At 50kW charging stations, an electric vehicle can be charged for up to 50 kilometres in just 10 minutes.


EVSE Australia is a well known supplier and installer of universal electric vehicle charging points across Australia.

The products made of EVSE Australia are made of durable components and intelligent software. In fact, the products are recommended and approved by most of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles.

The whole team of EVSE is known for their timely delivery, electric vehicle charging installations and high quality maintenance service.
The team’s commitment to quality in terms of electric vehicle charging stations and accessories is the main reason behind their long list of satisfied customers.

EVSE operated electric charging stations in Australia ensure a bright future for electric vehicle popularity in Australia.

3. LME Electrical

LME Electrical is another leading company in Australia dealing with electric car charging products and maintenance across Sydney as well as other parts of Australia.

Based in Sydney, LME Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd came in operation in 2003. This family run business is a team of 12 talented people who are committed to providing quick and cost effective solution to all your electrical issues.

Being a Tesla Approved electric vehicle charger specialist in Australia, the team works hard and used the latest technology and equipments to fulfil the growing demand for home and public electric vehicle charging stations in Australia.

4. EGen Electrical

Another name in the list of EV charging companies in Australia is the EGen Electrical. It specializes in installation and maintenance of EV charging stations for commercial as well as private clients.

With an industry experience of 68 years, EGen Electricals entered the electric vehicle charging sector in 2017 and since then it is doing a great job. EGen Electrical offers services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounds in Queensland / New South Wales.

Right from installation of EV charging stations to after sale assistance, everything is done by a trained team. The main motto of this company is to help reduce energy usage to protect the environment.

5. EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solutions is another well-known name in the category of best EV charging companies in Australia.

This Queensland-based company offers the best EV charging solutions to both commercial and residential customers. Their latest E & X Series in charging stations are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and the best part is they can be easily managed via CP Link. The products of EV Charging Solutions are of good quality and usually need less maintenance.

The dedicated team is ready to help you to install an EV charging station for your business, vineyard, and residential complex or parking point.

Final Words!

Apart from the above mentioned five EV charging companies in Australia, there are also other companies that are doing a great job of saving the environment. It is common to find EV charging stations in Australia. With just a few clicks you can easily locate ‘ charging stations near me’ and get going.

Electric cars are the future and if you are interested in buying one, Eska Car Sales is there to help you out. The auto experts at Eska Car Sales can help answer all your queries so that you make the right choice.