Local Used Car Market in Perth: How To Find The Best Deals

Local Used Car Market in Perth: How To Find The Best Deals

  • October 6, 2022
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If you are living in Perth or any other place in Western Australia, you can get a good deal on second hand cars. The second hand car market in Perth is very huge and every year hundreds of people buy and sell used cars. In case you are looking forward to buy second hand cars in Perth, be assured that you will get your dream car at a good price.

But this is not as easy as it sounds. To get a good deal, you need to be a smart buyer. There are many used car dealers in Perth, where you can find second hand cars of different makes and models. But not all dealers are genuine. You need to look for the best place to buy used cars in Perth.

To buy and sell used cars, you need to be aware of the secrets of the local used car market in Perth. To help you in this regard, here in this article some tips are shared to help you find the best deals. Always remember that you don’t buy a car on a daily basis and hence lots of preparation is required.

Here Are Some Tips To Find The Best Deals In The Local Used Car Market In Perth

Know Your Requirement

It is not necessary that if your friend drives a luxury car, you will also need the same car. Just like two people are not equal, your requirement in respect to cars will obviously be different. So, sit down in a calm environment and note down your requirements. Find out why you should buy second hand cars in Perth.

The requirements can be different for different people. Some people will look for used car dealers in Perth due to their limited budget. Some prefer to invest in a used car to polish their driving skills and so on.

Again, you need to decide on the type of car you wish to buy. For a small family to two or three it is not a good idea to invest in a big car. Those who travel a lot need to invest in a strong car that can be easy to handle on different road conditions.

Do not get tempted by seeing the long list of second hand cars available in the market. Zero down your requirements and stick to it.

Know When to Buy

Apart from what to buy, you need to be also aware of when to buy a second hand car in Perth. There are many reputed used car dealers in Perth who offer huge discounts on second hand cars from time to time. Buying a car in offer means you are going to save a good amount of money.

Try to buy and sell used cars when car dealers come up with lucrative offers. For instance, if you buy a used car at the end of the month, dealers offer discounts to achieve a sales target. Even bonus is offered to dealers from the manufacturer.

The end of the financial year is another good time to buy second hand cars in Perth. To boost financial year sales figures, dealers are ready to offer huge discounts. Apart from discount, you can even be benefitted with offers such as extended warranty, roadside assistance or extra accessories.

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Know Your Budget

Even for monthly expenses, most people set a fixed budget and then why not when you are planning to buy second hand cars in Perth. Setting a budget will help a lot in avoiding a financial breakdown after your purchase.

Analyze your monthly income and total savings and figure out how much you can invest. When setting the budget, you need to bear in mind the car’s price and increase in your monthly expenses due to fuel and car maintenance costs. In case, you are planning to take a loan then your monthly expense will increase more. Remember that interest rates on used car loans can be higher as compared to interest rates on new car loans.

Do not make the mistake of quoting low monthly payments and think wisely before applying for a car loan. Also, be practical about the car price when you wish to buy and sell used cars.

Know the Condition of the Car

When you decide to buy second hand cars in Perth, you must be aware of what you are buying. This means nobody wants to invest in junk and hence, you need to check the second hand car properly before closing the deal.

Learn as much as you can about the car type and model you are interested in before you look for the best place to buy used cars. You must also research the current market price of the second hand car and its resale value.

When you have found the dream car, it’s time to check the car thoroughly. Do not get tempted by the exterior look of the car. You need to check under the hood to find out the condition of the engine and the battery. Even the interior parts need to be checked properly. Find out whether all the safety features are in working condition or not. Even the seats and the window buttons need to be checked.

In case, you do not have adequate knowledge about automobiles, then it is important to get the car checked by a mechanic. Invest only when the mechanic gives a green signal. Do not forget to go for a test drive. Also, try to buy from one of the reputed car dealers in Perth.

Know the Risk Factors

This important tip applies to whether you are planning to buy a new car or a used car. Research is the only secret to reducing the risk factors.

For instance, suppose you are planning to buy a car of a particular brand or make, then read reviews and what customers are saying about that car. Genuine users will give reviews about their experiences and it will help in making up in your mind.

To reduce your risk factor, always buy from reputed used car dealers in Perth. Check the car papers properly as well as the service history and the maintenance report. This will help in judging how the car was taken care of by the previous owner. Opt for the deal only when all the papers are in proper form.


As the local used car market in Perth is very huge you need to do your homework properly before you decide to buy second hand cars in Perth. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points to get the best deals on a used car. Also do not forget to look for the best used car dealers in Perth to ensure a good deal. The market is huge and with little patience and lots of research you will surely get your dream car.

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