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Buying a car is a big decision and it needs a good amount of planning. Many people nowadays are thinking of buying a second hand car. Well, it is a personal decision regarding whether you can afford to buy a brand-new or used car. There are many types of used cars for sale in Perth, WA and you can be assured of getting a good deal.

But still many people hesitate in investing in a used car and this is mainly due to the myths about used cars. Well, many misconceptions and common myths about used cars are circulating in the market but you need to be realistic as everything you get to hear is not always true.

You need to be realistic when it comes to shopping for a car. Your budget and list of must-haves in a car should be your deciding factor. Blindly believing in myths is not a good idea. To help you make the right decision, here in this article we will discuss some of the common used cars myths and try to find the truth behind them.

Some Of The Common Myths About Used Cars

Myth No. 1 – Used Cars Are Mostly Junk

One of the most common myths about used cars is that they are simply a piece of junk. But this is not true. The second hand car market in Australia is very huge and more and many people are interested in investing in a used car.

Many good cars are on sale as people sell their new cars for various reasons like a change in location or need to upgrade their car for the latest edition, or simply need a bigger car to accommodate their growing family.

Many sellers sell their cars which are well maintained and have a clean service record or car history report. Reputed second hand car dealers are ready to show all the necessary documents before you finalize a deal. Even dealers are ready to allow you for a test drive so that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Moreover, reputed dealers before putting a car on display for sale get the car checked thoroughly by a mechanic.

Your budget and research as well as from where you are planning to buy used cars in Perth will decide whether you are making a wise investment or not.

Myth No. 2 – You Need to Pay More Than Required

Another used cars myths that is popular in the market is that you need to pay much more than the required amount for buying a second hand car. Well, a brand new one loses its value as soon as it is driven out of the showroom. The value drops a lot within the first few years of purchase. This means if you are planning to buy used cars in Perth that is just three to four years old, then be assured of getting a good deal.

But before you start checking the cars for sale Perth WA, you need to be clear regarding what type of car you want and of which brand. Once you have a clear idea in your mind, you can easily find out the true value of a second hand car. Just a little research from your end will help you in getting a good deal.

To estimate the actual value of a used car you can check the different websites to find the original MSRP for a car of a particular brand or make. You can even check pricing at different second hand car dealerships. Even a vehicle history report can help a lot in finding out the actual value of a used car.

By shopping smartly you can save extra money on buying a second hand car in Perth. For instance, try to buy a second hand car around holidays when dealerships often run specials. Always buy from a reputed dealer to enjoy extra perks.

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Myth No. 3 – You Have To Pay Cash

One of the most common used cars myths is that you need to pay cash to get the best deal. Loan is possible when you are planning to buy used cars in Perth.

As the second hand car market is doing good business in Australia, there are many options to finance a used car. Buyers with good credit can easily get a good financing deal with low or no interest. Additionally, a good credit score and down payment will determine the interest rate, hence is no real benefit to paying cash. Also, monthly payments and interest rates are easy on the pocket rather than paying a good amount in cash in one go.

With little research, you can easily find loans at a good rate to purchase a second hand car. For loans, even the second hand car dealers can help a lot. Some dealers even provide attractive offers on their financing options to attract more business.

Apart from the easy financing option, another benefit of buying a used car is the low insurance cost.

Myth No. 4 – Used Cars Aren’t Safe

When it comes to common myths about used cars one of them is that used cars lack modern entertainment and vital safety features. Well, this is not true if you are planning to buy used cars in Perth that are just a few years old. You never have to compromise on the safety features.

You can look for cars for sale in Perth WA that are equipped with air-conditioning, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone connectivity – android car play and Apple music. Most used cars also come with an anti-lock braking system commonly known as ABS, two front safety airbags, a reverse parking sensor, a camera and even a driverless park assist. In case, the latest safety features are not available then you have the option to upgrade or customize your car. With the help of this option, you will add the latest safety features.

However, if you are interested in a classic car or a vintage car, you need to bear in mind that in such machines any kind of customization in regards to entertainment and safety features is not possible.

Myth No. 5 – Used Cars Have Poor Resale Value

It is not always true that used cars have poor resale value. In fact, it is one of the most popular used cars myths.

The value of a new car drops as soon as it comes out of the showroom. In fact, the depreciation value is a demerit that you need to keep in mind when buying used cars in Perth. Cars of most brands and makes see a depreciation of 25-30% in the first year and by second year another 10-15%. Keeping this in mind you need to invest in a second hand that is just one or two years old. This way even if you decide to sell it after a couple of years, the loss will be much less compared to when the car was sold for the first time.

When you start looking for used cars for sale in Perth WA, understand the resale value of a used car so that you get more out of your investment. Options are many in the second hand car market and you need to find the right deal. Do not buy a used car in a hurry.

Myth No.6 – You Can Only Get A Good Deal Online

Well, this is a high tech society and people prefer to do most of the shopping online. Buying a used car is not similar to purchasing weekly grocery items or some clothes. You need to check the second hand car properly before buying it. Also, without going for a test drive it is not a good idea to invest in a second hand car.

There are several websites where you can find second hand cars of different makes and models. In fact, when browsing online, you get to see multiple options from different places at once. But you can only get a good deal online is just one of the most common myths about used cars. There are many reputed dealers where you can buy used cars in Perth in a very easy manner without any hassle.

When buying a used car a test drive is a must. It can also be possible when you look for cars for sale in Perth WA from local dealers. Apart from the test drive, there are many more benefits to meeting with a dealer directly and inspecting a used car personally.


When you decide to buy used cars in Perth, do not believe on all the common myths about used cars. Think rationally and make a good decision. Believe in your research and then move forward to buy the best second hand car. There are many used cars for sale in Perth WA that are just like a brand new one. Shop from a reputed dealer and you will be more than satisfied by your purchase.

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